Miss Kymber turns 4

Little Miss Kymber has to be one of our favorite little girls to photograph! We have been able to work with spunky little Kymber several times over the last 2 years, and every time just gets more and more exciting. Aside from being one of the cutest little girls, I actually get to spend lots of time with her at Little Tykes University, where I'm one of her preschool teachers. This inquisitive, and imaginative bright mind never ceases to amaze me. We decided to celebrate and capture her birthday with some age appropriate fun (who are we kidding, glitter is suitable for all ages)! We whipped out the bottle of glitter, and danced, jumped, threw, and blew it all over the place. I love documenting and creating these special memories with the Rush family. I love that I get to watch Kymber grow year after year, as well as day after day! Enjoy some of our favorite takes from Kymbers' birthday photoshoot!