Do Not Crop | Why it's unacceptable

Awhile back, I decreased the size of our watermark on our studio postings to social media. I want my images to be enjoyed by my clients, thus the smaller mark. What is a watermark? Its something an artist puts on their work so it cannot be used without them being credited for their hardwork, and most imporantly, their creativity. A lot of photographers place watermarks near the heads, center point of the portrait for two reasons; 1. to draw attention to their studio name, 2. So that their watermark cannot be cropped out.

I trust my clients, and know each and everyone of them is proud of their portraits we provide them. I rarely see any images where my watermark is cropped, if there is a watermark present. A lot of our clients even tag us or credit us when they make a posting with their portraits! We love when our clients share the good news with all their friends about their wonderful experience. 

  • But then it happened to me.

I posted a sneak peek of some images I've been hoarding (artistically) for quite some time. The same evening I posted, this individual saved the image to their phone on Facebook, and re-uploaded  to another social media platform. No big deal, I have a small watermark on the image crediting my studio - but then, the image was ALTERED! This individual uploaded our portrait, with our watermark, and applied a filter. It wasn't an accurate representation of our work. It dulled the coloration of the vibrant colors, it muted the tones and highlights we specifically - and artistically - placed on our image. You see, for is an art. We take images to the best of our ability, with what is given to us. Weather sometimes doesn't cooperate, lighting is less than ideal 90% of the time...But I know much of my style, and creative element comes after the image is taken. My style is put into my images when I process them through our editing software. 

I hate to see my work, misrepresented. So please, please, please... if you take one of the images we have posted as a sneak, or with a watermark on them, do NOT alter the image in any way! Below is a document that describes the reasoning behind why you should NEVER crop, or alter an image. Simply put - they are not yours to alter. You receive a print release allowing you to print for your personal use. This does not grant you ownership of any copyrights, or give you any permission(s) to change what your photographer has completed through the services they provided you! 

This is not the image that was misused. This is simply just a cutie who is too cute for words to not be front and center!

This is not the image that was misused. This is simply just a cutie who is too cute for words to not be front and center!