Meet Jade

One thing about owning and operating a photography studio, is having the opportunity to come in close contact with some of the most beautiful people. Whether they know it not, we love to produce breathtaking images of these clients and models, to expose the inner and outer beauty.


We look at the human body as a gift. Our studio also places a fine tuned focus on art. This being said, when we plan a photo shoot, we pay close attention to the details. From the wardrobe, tothe  makeup and hairstyle, to posing and lighting... planning these intriquite visions takes quite a bit of time, and preparation. But, we don't do it alone! We have valued assets that work with our studio to help achieve this perfection. Maybe it's a lighting profectionist who is assisting, or an added hand pinning and clamping dresses.... point being we have a lot of support that goes into making each image a fine art peice. From the planning to the capturing and producing, it's a process.


One of our assets is Jade, who runs her own small business in Gillette, Wyoming. Jade is the owner and operator of GypsySoul Salon


She has worked in many facets of the modeling and fashion industry for over 10 years. Jade attended Headlines Academy in Rapid City South Dakota, under the supervision of some of the most talented stylists. With her widespread experience, Jade has quickly grown to become one of Gillette's most highly sought after stylists. Her talent and expertise speaks for itself.

You can follow Jade  by visiting her salon page below!


We talked Jade into modeling for us last year for our Gorgeous Blondes photo shoot. She is a classicly beautiful subject, with a heart of gold. Thank you Jade for helping PhoenixPhotos grow to the success it is today!!!