Boudoir - What to Wear



What you wear can make or break a shoot, so be sure to leave yourself time to prepare the outfits you’d like to use. Your outfits should make you feel confident, and beautiful. It's our job to assist in posing, to capture the most flattering angle. Typically, I recommend 3-4 different pieces. If you’re not sure on your final selection, we are happy to look over your options, and decide together. 

 What you wear is your choice! We’ll discuss wardrobe thoroughly before the shoot, but in general it’s nice to have plenty of variety so your album, or gallery is a page turner. Everyone looks great in an all black look and stilettos. This is an opportunity  for you to dress up or down however you want.  You can wear anything from lingerie to your favorite sports teams’ jersey or formal cocktail/evening dresses to your favorite pair of ripped jeans and white tank.  It’s about having fun and feeling great about how you look.  Wear whatever you feel the most confident in!


For curvier clients, corset-y type pieces and shapewear are always popular choices. If you’re planning a surprise or a gift for your significant other, you may also want to bring along something from his wardrobe (white dress shirts are great), his favorite team jersey, or any other items that are personal to the two of you.


The single most important thing for a boudoir photography sessions is that your lingerie fits you well.  If it’s been a while, treat yourself to a girly shopping trip, a bra fitting, and pick up something that makes you feel beautiful, and that you love. For our area, shopping online almost always proves to be a necessity. Please allow plenty of time for processing and shipping of your pieces. Without fail, every year we get a client who has their wardrobe arrive the day prior, and it doesn't fit. Allowing yourself some time will help you feel more confident in your selected options.


If you need a little lingerie inspiration, we have a Pinterest board with some ideas that are appealing. We gladly will share this link with you to gain some visual inspiration while shopping! There are lots of other ideas too, so please feel free to shop and look around.


Heels can be a perfect addition to your session. We are able to utilize heels in sexy & fun ways. 


I happy to offer wardrobe suggestions for your session, should you require extra assistance. We do have on hand, a few pieces that can be used as well. Use of our studio wardrobe must be communicated prior to your session! 


***Ask us about our Glam to Cam option - which includes professional hair and makeup application.***